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A New Vaccine For Bee Sting Is Successfully Tested

Recently, a trial of anti-vaccine against bee sting has been completed, which contains Advax which is stated helpful in curbing fatal allergic reactions, a few people suffer due to bee venom. Initially, scientists designed the vaccine so that they can easily neutralize venom secreted by honey bees found in Europe.

Some people, when get stung by a bee have to suffer with great deal of allergic reactions which are termed as anaphylaxis. This severe reaction also claims lives of victims of bee stings, if they don’t get efficient medical assistance in time.

The reaction can be treated due to process of immunotherapy, in this process the quantity of allergic reagent is increased in the body of patients who are reactive to it in small dosage. As a result venom blocking antibodies develops inside the patient who is allergic to the bee venom. Thus, if a bee stings them in future, antibodies will bind on the venom and prevent the occurrence of anaphylaxis.

To make the process of immunotherapy successful, it is very essential to use an antigen which can trigger adequate immune reaction inside the body. In case, the antigen which is used is weak then it will take longer time, the process will be costly and can even reduce acceptability in a few individuals prone to allergic reaction.

To curb this issue, researchers started to use adjuvant inside the vaccines especially designed against bee venom. This makes vaccines more effective and more lives can be saved. Advax compound is designed by using delta insulin which is a form of complex sugar. This compound doesn’t lead to inflammation individually. The trial was used to observe the safety of HBVIT, when Advax and venom are combined with each other.

The trial was performed on 27 individuals who are allergic to bee venom. These individuals were given vaccine against bee venom. In few, Advax was present while in others absent. After proper maintenance, dosage was given for the next 30 months. All the individuals were then reported to have great health without any severe reaction.

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