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Mitsubishi Discloses Purchase Of Bombardier’s CRJ Jet

Japan’s Mitsubishi recently agreed to purchase Bombardier’s loss-making local jet program. With this move, the firm intends to utilize the Canadian firm’s global customer list and support network. Reportedly, this will help the firm to revitalize its delayed attempts to surmount the jet market. Japan’s come back to the aircraft market for the foremost time in the period of about 50 Years had run into difficulties as the Mitsubishi Regional Jet strike about seven years of setbacks. However, Bombardier’s exit from the aggressive commercial aerospace industry offers Japan a 2nd prospect.

The latest deal comes days following Mitsubishi revealed a redesigned 65-88-seat local jet at the Paris Airshow. The firm offered the MRJ a facelift and latest brand: Spacejet. The firm proclaimed that the high cabins would permit passengers to keep their roller bags in overhead bins.

On a similar note, Mitsubishi is considered as one of the last two Japanese automakers who have their headquarters still in California. It is said to be an honor that the firm shares with Honda. However, soon, that’s going to change, states the latest report.

Mitsubishi is planning to shift its operations to Tennessee. Reportedly, this decision by the firm is to be nearer to Nissan, its Alliance partner. Nissan already shifted to Tennessee approximately 13 years ago. In a statement, Mitsubishi representatives said that the latest move by the firm is part of its ongoing strategy to rediscover every part of Mitsubishi Motors in the U.S. It includes all aspects right from corporate leadership, dealer associates, and each touch-point in a customer’s relationship with their vehicle. This move is supposed to sharpen the firm’s focus on future development and innovation. The only divisions of Mitsubishi’s U.S. operation that are not making the shift to the Volunteer State are its parts distribution department. Reportedly, this department will remain in Southern California. At the same time, its R&D division will be in Michigan.

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