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US Companies Supplying Tech Products To Huawei Despite Trump Ban

Despite US Administration has blacklisted Huawei from maintaining trade relations with the American companies, US-based chip manufacturers are supplying products worth millions of dollars to the Chinese tech giant, according to the people with hidden identities, who were familiar with this matter.

The leading silicon chip manufacturers including Micron and Intel have been taking advantage of the condition of ‘Made in US’ labeled products, stated by the same people with concealed identities. They said that the products manufactured by the US-based companies overseas might not be considered as US-made. The firms started supplying their products to Huawei.

This illegal product supply from the US chipmakers will help Huawei to run its smartphone and telecommunication business. Moreover, the US administration has to face many difficulties to clamp down on firms that it considers a threat to national security.

The United States Department of Commerce has a planned move through which it can cut the supply of US technology to Huawei. The department has put the Chinese tech giant on an entity list and generated a situation of uncertainty between the US suppliers and the Chinese company. Huawei has revealed that it purchases tech products worth almost $11 Billion from the US-based firms each year.

On a similar note, Huawei Technologies Co. has brought a boom in the telecommunication sector through its own designed technology. According to cybersecurity experts, Huawei’s technology is probably loaded with flaws that could be manipulated and used by hackers for malicious purposes.

Researchers encoded over half of its almost ten thousand firmware images into more than 500 variations and tested them on enterprise network-equipment devices. They found that at least one such modified firmware image is vulnerable.

According to the report document, the pattern of security decisions made by Huawei engineers is poor. However, it didn’t address any sort of issues related to electronic espionage in Huawei’s tech, which the US has been claiming for so long.

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